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Ringtons - The original doorstep delivery service migrates to a new home with Klaviyo

Moving from one email service provider to another isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, read on to find out how we made the migration and warming process as smooth as possible for Ringtons. 

Phone screen with Rington's website
average email open rate
average click through rate

For well over a century, Ringtons has delivered everything you need for a good cup of tea to doorstops across Britain. Starting out in Newcastle Upon Tyne, the humble wagon has become a 5th generation family business, complete with an online store for delivery customers and wholesale.

Visualsoft migrated Ringtons from the Visualsoft platform to Klaviyo when re-platforming to Shopify. We completed the warming period through 6 emails to seamlessly warm their database and move them to Klaviyo ensuring deliverability was not harmed.

Focusing on engaged subscribers: A targeted email sending strategy

Visualsoft focused on sending to a set number of engaged subscribers, increasing the number of subscribers receiving emails per email. 

Email 1: 5k subscribers 
Email 2: 20k subscribers
Email 3: 28k subscribers 
Email 4: 45k subscribers 
Email 5: 63k subscribers 
Email 6: All subscribers 

Since the migration, Ringtons have been happy with the potential Klaviyo has to offer from more advanced segmentation to the platform's functionality. 

Laptop screen with Rington's website

As well as a different design for each email, we introduced dynamic content to give subscribers, based on the device, a unique, relevant and highly-clickable email into their inbox - including showing different imagery depending on whether the consumer was shopping on mobile or desktop. These small but impactful changes are vital for making Ringtons emails stand out in the inbox.

The results

With an average open rate across all six emails of 67% and average click through rate of 4.5%, the campaign exceeded industry averages:

Ringtons industry average:
Open Rate - 40.80%
Click-Rate - 1.54% 

Current deliverability score: 80% (Good 75 - 89).

The results for each email are as follows: 

Email 1: Open rate - 72.40% / CTR - 4.23%
Email 2: Open rate 74.8% / CTR - 3.32%
Email 3: Open rate 75.88% / CTR - 6.18%
Email 2: Open rate 68.33% / CTR - 4.42%
Email 2: Open rate 54.16% / CTR - 5.91%
Email 2: Open rate 57.1% / CTR - 27%

Phone screens with Rington's website

Our Craft. Your Success.

"The migration process from Visualsoft to Klaviyo was incredibly well managed from start to finish. The careful approach taken to improve performance whilst protecting our sender reputation was clear from the start.The increased capabilities of the Klaviyo platform were clear early on during the migration and we saw improvements in our open rate of +52% vs Q1 2023 and a CTR increase of +14%."
Megan McCready - Ringtons Digital Marketing Manager
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