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Moshulu steps into organic success with Visualsoft

How a migration to the Visualsoft platform with a fresh website redesign catapulted Moshulu's organic growth with search visibility up 48.6%, organic traffic up 4.07% and  revenue up 146% YoY
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Moshulu have established themselves as a dominant force in the online retail footwear landscape. Despite their success, Moshulu faced limitations in realising their development roadmap on their existing platform. Seeking a solution that aligned with their goals and values, Moshulu decided to elevate their online presence through a full site redesign and platform migration to Visualsoft.

Moshulu came for the tech, but have been blown away by the improved reach!

They chose to replatform to Visualsoft as they felt the set up of the development teams, and technical structure of the platform allowed them an opportunity to implement their development roadmap which had hit a ceiling on their previous platform. What they didn't expect though, was the huge improvements in their organic metrics. Search visibility, organic traffic, and organic revenue are all up significantly as a direct result of re-platforming to Visualsoft, all achieved with no additional investment into SEO.

Unexpected organic metrics surge

Organic Search Growth:
  • Sessions: +72.5%
  • New Users: +53.7%
  • Revenue: +37.3%
  • Transactions: +42.7%
  • User Conversion Rate: +88.9%
All Channels Performance:
  • Sessions: +5.7%
  • New Users: +20.5%
  • Revenue: +33.9%
  • Transactions: +27.7%
  • User Conversion Rate: +92.6%

Moshulu's journey with Visualsoft not only achieved their technical aspirations but also propelled them to new heights in organic search and overall online performance.  Establishing them as a vibrant and dynamic force in the competitive online retail landscape.

Moshulu shoes with Visualsoft and Moshulu's logo
In Numbers
user conversion rate
revenue increases
new users through organic search

Our Craft. Your Success.

"Our new website now truly reflects our core brand values, encourages a positive online shopping experience for our customers, and importantly is already generating real performance increases. I look forward to seeing this growth continue.”
Kate James, Brand & Marketing Director
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