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LD Mountain Centre: Reaching the peak of outdoor retail success with Visualsoft

How a strategic marketing approach has taken LD Mountain Centre to new heights
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With a rich 57-year history, LD Mountain Centre stands as a premier independent outdoor and snowsports retailer. Their clientele spans a diverse spectrum, from everyday enthusiasts to seasoned professionals. Anchored by a passionate team equipped with extensive expertise across the outdoor landscape, they stand committed to delivering top-tier clothing and equipment tailored for every pursuit and customer need. 

Targeting daily users and outdoor professionals

Primarily serving the UK market with a growing European customer base, LD Mountain Centre appeals to individuals seeking quality jackets for daily use as well as clothing for seasoned outdoor professionals. 

Campaign objectives

LD Mountain Centre were looking to expand brand awareness, enhance customer engagement, and build customer loyalty and retention.

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Why Visualsoft?

LD Mountain Centre were looking for an eCommerce provider that gave them stability, the functionality they needed and reliable support, and Visualsoft ticked all those boxes. The Visualsoft  platform, combined with the expertise of Visualsoft's marketing teams, promised the potential for significant growth in brand presence and customer engagement.

Client satisfaction

Since migrating to the Optimum platform, LD Mountain Centre is extremely happy with performance across the board. Improved support services, faster response times, and the collaborative efforts of various teams from across the business have contributed to a positive experience. They expressed that communication with their account management team has been particularly enjoyable, helping them to grow the business with confidence through both new and existing channels. 

Stand out success through email and social

Email and social campaigns have been pivotal in achieving the client's goals. The quality of content produced by Visualsoft surpassed in-house capabilities, resulting in increased customer engagement on social platforms (one of the main goals for the social project). Paid social campaigns also demonstrated remarkable year-on-year growth in reach, impressions, revenue, and return on ad spend (ROAS).

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Our Craft. Your Success.

"Visualsoft's platform has increased our sales this year. The Visualsoft team is enthusiastic, friendly and approachable, with great knowledge and expertise to help our business grow."
LD Mountain Centre
LD Mountain Centre

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