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Get your brand seen fast with paid search marketing

Also known as PPC marketing, paid search allows you to quickly place targeted ads within search engine results, giving you a wider reach and more visibility in the most profitable, high-traffic searches.


So, what is paid search?

Paid Search offers you the fastest entry route into your most lucrative search areas
Reach prominent positions in search engine results, and only pay when someone clicks on your advert
Get targeted visits to your website with fast results that are easy to measure
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What makes paid search marketing at Visualsoft different?

At Visualsoft, our PPC agency professionals always have their finger on the pulse of this ever-changing marketing channel. We keep up-to-date with every new feature release so you don’t miss a beat, all while maintaining a high level of expertise in paid search best practices.

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We're Google Premier Partners

This gives us priority access to new product betas, as well as the latest insights from Google. With this, we can stay ahead of changing consumer behaviours and industry trends and get access to exciting promotional offers for our clients.

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We're Microsoft partners, too

Google isn't the only search engine superpower. As Microsoft partners, we can also keep our finger on the pulse of Microsoft's advancements with early access to latest industry insights and insider guidance from our dedicated rep.


Vast client and product experience

We offer search marketing services for a wide range of clients of all sizes and budgets and with a wide variety of product sets. Our team works closely with each client to tailor a unique strategy and deliver the best results.

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Easy data feed management

As an additional bolt-on service, we also partner with Multifeeds, a third-party agency, meaning we can provide feed management service alongside your paid search activity.

There are two aspects to the service: Feed Optimisation and a Comparison Shopping Service.Feed optimisation can include title builds, AB testing and a text replacement tool. The Comparison Shopping Service gives you the opportunity to run duplicate feeds alongside each other, which would allow you to gain extra exposure and run Ghost Campaigns.

Campaigns for every goal

At Visualsoft, we can run a variation of search, shopping and Performance Max campaigns, depending on your needs.

Search campaigns

Search campaigns allow you to show text adverts to potential buyers on the Google Search Results Page (SERP) while they are actively searching for products or services that you offer on your website. You have the final say on what the adverts say and the keywords we use, so your ads will only show for searches that match the keywords you choose.


Google Shopping campaigns

The Google Shopping Network is a place for advertisers (that’s you) to list their products online to a wide range of customers. This is controlled and operated through Google Ads, which allows us to promote specific products. We also use Google Merchant Centre to create the product listings and edit details such as imagery, price and descriptions.

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Performance Max campaigns

We can run Performance Max campaigns in place of Shopping Campaigns or in tandem with them. Performance Max allows us to tap into multiple networks across Google, such as Search, Display, Discovery, Email, YouTube and Shopping. A step up from standard shopping, Performance Max uses machine learning and automation to reach conversion goals, simplify campaign management and reach a broader audience effectively.

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Display campaigns

If you’re focused on brand awareness and gaining higher volumes of traffic, Display campaigns are ideal. They involve creating visual-based adverts designed to engage and attract the viewer. These types of ads can be shown across millions of websites, apps and other various Google-owned properties like YouTube and Gmail.

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Video campaigns

Video campaigns use video assets to promote products across various Google Networks. The videos can appear anywhere where video content is published or through pop-up ads.

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PPC Marketing: the best bits

 Your own dedicated paid search Account Director

Never be without support. Your Account Director will spend time getting to know you, your business and your goals and answer any questions you might have.

 A full paid search strategy tailored to you

We’ll work closely with you to create the best PPC strategy to suit your brand, products and your unique targets. No cookie-cutter approach here.

 Launch and learn

With each campaign launched, we’ll gather data and results and use them to make informed decisions on future strategies, improvements and changes.

 Regular reports and insights

Always in the loop. Your paid search Account Director will keep you posted with monthly reports to highlight performance, interesting insights and goal successes.

Speak to the team

Do I need a paid search agency?

The world of PPC marketing is always changing, so it pays to have experts with the tools and resources to make sure you’re always pressing the right buttons. Visualsoft has a large Paid Search team who know the industry inside out, helping you navigate the world of keyword bidding, ad writing and data tracking.

As well as having a dedicated team member to manage your account, you will also gain access to the extensive PPC marketing knowledge of the full agency team, with each member having expertise in a wide range of specialisms within Paid Search.