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Online marketplaces: Engage your customers, wherever they shop

Amazon and eBay shoppers are loyal to their favourite shopping platforms, so meet them there and create whole new revenue streams with the help of our marketplace agency experts.

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Launch into new marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, with our step-by-step guidance
Get your brand and products seen by millions, and start selling more than ever before

Marketplace selling: The best bits

So, what’s it all about? Here are the highlights of working with the talented people in our in-house marketplace agency.

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A dedicated marketplaces expert

You’ll have help from your very own specialist, with expertise in everything from basic selling on marketplaces to the best tips, techniques and best practices for success.

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Competitor insights

We’ll help you keep a close eye on your competitors, see what they’re up to and make sure you stay well ahead of the curve when it comes to Amazon and eBay search.

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A full launch package

Not sure where to start with marketplace advertising and selling? We’ll handle everything from setting up your account to order fulfilment and beyond.

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Boosted visibility

We’ll make sure your content is perfectly adapted to each marketplace, so your listings stand the best chance of being found either organically or through paid methods.

Thinking of expanding into Amazon, eBay or both?

Thinking of expanding into Amazon, eBay or both?

Our tried and tested approach to
marketplace advertising

We’ve tried, tested and perfected our collaborative approach to marketplace selling here at Visualsoft. Here’s how our marketplace agency experts will guide you through your exciting new expansion plans:


Getting you up and running

Once we know your brand and your business goals, we identify the right marketplaces, get your products listed and shipping options all ready to go. If you’re already selling, we’ll help you link up and sync your existing catalogue with Visualsoft.

Audits and strategy

If you’re new to marketplace selling, your dedicated expert will create a targeted strategy to get your products seen by the right customers at the right time. If you’re already selling, we’ll take a close look at your sales, traffic and performance and look for growth and improvement opportunities.

Review and improve

With listings and strategy in place, we continually measure and analyse the performance of your marketplaces. This is where we can make improvements to listings and help them perform in harmony with those mysterious marketplace algorithms.

Expand and sell further

Marketplace selling opens so many doors, and our team of experts know which ones to explore. We’ll help you identify new opportunities for expanding, whether it’s across new marketplaces or entirely new selling channels.

Do I need a marketplace management agency?

Whether you’re completely new to the channel, or if you’ve already started selling, a bit of help fine-tuning your online marketplace selling technique can work wonders for performance on Amazon, eBay and other top marketplaces.

With the help of a marketplace marketing agency, you will learn not just how to get set up and start selling, but also how to perfect your selling technique, make sure your products are seen in search results and stay ahead of your competitors.

All of this takes time, energy and resources that we know can be in short supply when running a business, so working together with a marketplace agency can help take some of the load off.