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Dipping into eCommerce

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Digital Sauce

If you’ve ever felt that eCommerce can sometimes feel a little dry, then you may be in need of a dip of The Digital Sauce, our vodcast series.

We dunk deep into the industry, and host a conversation on camera with some of its leading minds to discuss the latest insights, trends and topics they’ve been keeping bottled up.

Episode 01
Ep1 Tile

Discount hunters vs brand loyalists

We unpick the role consumer confidence plays in the battle of voucher codes over brand loyalty, alongside retail giant, & Pion!

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Episode 02
The digital sauce episode 2

The TikTok Shop effect

Episode 02 covers the rise in social commerce and how TikTok Shop is shaking up the industry, with TikTok Shop themselves & Unsociable agency.

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Episode 03
Ep 3 TDS VS Tile

Mastering the art of personalisation

Episode 03 unravels the importance of personalisation in marketing and its role in consumer confidence with & Klaviyo.

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