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Built-in, reliable data to optimise your store

View live performance data and marketing reports to help you make strategic decisions and reduce guesswork. Everything is built-in and ready to go from the moment you launch your store.

Laptop with a spreadsheet to showcase data
Performance data and reports at your fingertips
Campaign tracking across all channels
Monitor trends and make data-led decisions

On-demand data for empowered decision-making

Harness the power of custom-built reports and data visualisations for confident decision-making. Everything is available on demand, at your fingertips, directly within your Visualsoft data dashboard.

data analysis icon to showcase live data
Live data
Get a detailed overview of how your store is performing in real time, any time, all directly from your dashboard overview. This allows you to keep on top of activity as it happens, and action any problems as they arise.
graph icon to showcase tracking performance
Track campaign performance across all channels
Google Analytics integration gives you a wide range of insightful data points to analyse and improve your advertising or campaigns. Analyse the success of your email campaigns, discount usage and advertising to compare the performance and assess which are the most effective. 

Use reporting to shape your business

Access a library of reports directly from your store’s admin area to keep on top of all the data that affects your day-to-day.

View critical product and stock data in one place

Get a convenient overview of your store’s inventory and stock levels for extremely valuable sales performance insights. These reports help you select the right product lines and brands to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Monitor seasonal and sales trends

Stay on top of particular trends with ‘big picture’ data reports. This helps you spot everything from increased sales in certain areas of the world, to changing customer preferences for specific payment types. You can also identify which timeframes or seasonal events lead to the highest volume of successful online orders.

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