Why should you be exporting?

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Paid Search Analyst at Visualsoft, Sasha Howells, is a huge advocate of exporting. Here's why you should be too!

Why Should You Be Exporting?

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess lived in a faraway land. She was beautiful and kind, but she always felt like something was missing. One day, she looked to her father, the King, with a look of hope in her eyes. “Oh father, I dream of things that I don’t have and possibly never will have. I dream of beautiful clothes from New York and books from India, but I know I will never get those things. Oh, if only there was something that would help me”

You are probably thinking that a fairy godmother visited the princess and granted her wishes, but she didn’t. Instead, the princess took to the internet and found a website that offered free worldwide delivery and a stock range so vast that she didn’t know where to start looking!

The moral of the story? You should be exporting. Here’s why:


A large proportion of your competition may already be exporting; reaching more users, quickly shifting stock and expanding visibility at a higher rate than they would have before internationalising - this should be a key motivation to start exporting.

4.57 billion of the earth’s population are active internet users, with those in China, India and the United States being the most active users. If you’re already getting a lot of consumer interest in your home country, it’s likely that you will find the similar types of consumers in other countries.

If you aren’t exporting, you run the risk of getting left behind.

Cross-border shopping is increasing

Back in the Nineties and Noughties, it was commonplace to take overseas trips to New York or Germany to find cheaper products to bring home to their friends and family - thanks to the world of eCommerce, exporting and worldwide delivery, this is no longer necessary!

Cross-border shopping will continue to increase in popularity. It’s likely that COVID-19 will only speed up the level of cross-border shopping further, as the restrictions in place for personal travel will drive more people to shop for products online and financial uncertainty is likely to encourage shoppers to search for the best deals, even if that means purchasing from other countries.

Business goals

To truly take your business to the next level, thinking bigger and more internationally to expand into new markets is an absolute must! While cultural differences may mean your messaging needs to change in order to efficiently and appropriately reach new demographics, we are all human - to a certain level we all share similar needs and desires and your product offering is likely to also be well received in different locations and by different cultures.

Before you expand internationally, what should you consider?

Generic consumer concerns

The most typical consumer concern when ordering from another country is delivery rates and delivery time. Showcasing your delivery times is a great way to keep your customers informed. Throughout COVID-19 consumers have also become far more patient and understanding, but showcasing your delivery times is still key and could be the difference between a visitor purchasing from you or another retailer.

Importing barriers

It may seem obvious, but it is critical to ensure that you are able to send products to your new target market - ensure that there are no major importing implications that could cause headaches for both you and your customers.

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