The Visualsoft Platform says hello to Klarna's One Page Checkout

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We’re proud to announce that the very latest checkout technology has landed on our platform from Klarna.

We’re proud to announce that the very latest checkout technology has landed on our platform. Klarna’s One Page Checkout was designed to heighten the online experience of the modern retail customer and this is now available to add to your online store on the Visualsoft Platform!

As the name suggests, the steps a customer is required to take to checkout are significantly reduced to one page only, speeding up the purchase process for a smoooth shopping experience and ensuring that merchants have a fully rounded and flexible payment offering for customers...

What are the benefits of One Page Checkout?

  • Simplify & speed up the purchase process
  • Reduce basket abandonment rates
  • Give shoppers increased security & spending power
  • Offer fully rounded & flexible payment options for your customers

The Klarna checkout will enable Visualsoft merchants to offer their customers direct payments, pay after delivery options and instalment plans in a smoooth one-click purchase experience that lets the customer take control over when they would like to pay, and how they will pay for it. The new technology also has the ability to identify retail customers that are existing Klarna users and pre-populate details, even if they are new to a retail store, allowing checkout from an online store in just one click.

The simple and consistently optimised checkout flow is set to decrease basket abandonment rates of Visualsoft merchant stores, giving shoppers increased security and spending power, and we're already seeing real results with our first client live on the integration seeing a 16% increase in conversion rate, 55% increase in transactions and a 35% increase in revenue since implementation!

If you’d like to learn more about Klarna’s One Page Checkout, get in touch direct with our team here.