Last minute tips for peak season success

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Running late? Our industry specialists have provided some quick-fire tips for Q4 success.

If you’ve fallen behind on your Q4 prep, it’s not too late!

We asked each of our eCommerce specialists to provide just one piece of advice that you can implement right now to help you get things in order for Q4.


If your local area happens to get put in a local lockdown, it’s important to make sure you can adapt quickly and respond appropriately. Consumers have become accustomed to the impacts COVID-19 can put on businesses, and can accept changes to the norm.

However, it’s critically important that you communicate any changes to the business to keep them in the loop. Consider adding the below to ensure your customers are up to date at all points of the purchase journey:

  • Emergency basket messages
  • Shipping holidays
  • Update courier processing days
  • Update automated emails
  • Let customers add delivery instructions and terms to their order


Consumers are seeking real connections throughout the challenging times, particularly on social media. Keeping your marketing message up to date by mixing at-home lifestyle imagery and vocabulary into your marketing mix to keep things relevant, sympathetic and sensitive to consumer mindset.


Before the world went into lockdown, how-to guides and videos were already performing pretty well. However, they have seen incredible increases in popularity since the beginning of the pandemic. If you’re able to provide your consumers with this valuable how-to content throughout peak season (particularly as local lockdowns are becoming more popular), you are providing added value to your customer which will encourage them to come back to you time and time again.

Social media

61% of consumers have reported that distancing measures means they will alter how they shop this year - therefore, it’s critical to make sure you can be seen. Ensuring your website product catalogue is connected to your social accounts will allow you to display your most up-to-date inventory whilst customer purchase intent is at its height.

Email marketing

Think dynamically! Adding dynamic polls to your email can help engage with your subscribers, and find out what really makes them tick! Including dynamic content such as personalisation or CTAs tailored to their device will encourage the individual to engage and will help form those 1 on 1 relationships with your subscribers.


New users may struggle with how your website works and have more questions about availability, delivery, returns or specific product details. Making sure this information is easy to find will be critical to peak season success. Additionally, clarity of product information will help gain conversions as customers may not be able to rely on popping into your physical store to experience the product before buying online.

Paid Search

Utilise ad customisers. If your sale changes, last-minute ads can be quickly updated, without impacting your Quality Score.

Affiliate marketing

Reach out to key partners as soon as possible to help promote your brand and product. By ensuring that everyone is on the same page, you have got more people on board working towards the same goal. By informing your partners as soon as possible, you will relieve some of the pressure and avoid difficult conversations later in the game about performance.


If you’re able to offer free and fast delivery, you can boost your Amazon Buy Box win rate and search placement by converting your listings to Seller Fulfilled Prime. Seller Fulfilled Prime means you can deliver Prime products straight from your own warehouse.

Want to find out more about small changes you can implement to make a big impact on your Q4 success? Simply fill out the form to access your copy.