Future of eCommerce: Don't mention the C Word

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Future of eCommerce: Don't mention the C Word

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We hope you have been enjoying our Future of eCommerce series so far. We've had some great insights from Klarna and NMPi!

This week, our very own Gavin Lowther, Head of Digital, presented "Don't Mention the 'C' Word".

In a current uncertain climate, it's time to overlay Digital Marketing with what the future holds. Gavin will detail how and why a retailer's regular approach should be adapted based on the current situation, and based on each retailer's individual situation. Don't Mention the 'C' Word will provide food for thought on future-planning your marketing operations.

Gavin's session will explore:

- Shifts in consumer behaviour

- Embracing change

- Tone of voice

- Utilising your brand

- Capitalising on trends

- Campaigns vs discounts

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