7 reasons to support your website growth with Marketplaces

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A 2019 Feedvisor study found that two thirds of respondents typically start their search for new products on Amazon. If a customer has a specific product in mind, this figure grows to 74% - is that the kind of traffic you want to be missing out on?

In the run-up to what is likely to be the most significant Q4 ever for eCommerce, it's critical to ensure that you are seen.

Marketplaces can occasionally be overlooked by retailers, however, their huge online presence makes them a key component of any complete eCommerce strategy.

Marketplaces are a fantastic way to supplement your eCommerce efforts and serve as key additional resources of revenue, allowing you to tap into customers who potentially may have never found your store otherwise. Our Visualsoft team can also set up retailers on marketplaces in impressive timeframes - it’s never too late to maximise your reach.

In 2020, Amazon’s market share has grown by approximately 5%. With an ever-growing database of loyal marketplace customers, there has never been a better time to reach out to new demographics…

Immediate online presence

Marketplaces provide retailers with an additional online presence on platforms with pre-established levels of consumer trust, with vast existing loyal customer bases - allowing retailers to tap into brand new audiences.

Marketing and advertising

Retailers can take advantage of the advertising space that marketplaces provide and fund, to expand your reach into new audiences and potentially different demographics.

Increase your long-term brand visibility

Approximately 66% of users will start their search on marketplaces rather than a search engine. Ensuring you are visible on marketplaces can increase your long-term brand visibility, providing you with an extra stream of revenue from customers who may be less likely to purchase from an online retailer that they have never shopped with before.

Commission based

The majority of marketplaces have commission based payment structures, with no large upfront costs which can offer businesses a level of stability and security.

Risk protection

Marketplaces ensure that there are security measures in place to protect you from the risk of fraud, providing a further level of security and stability for your retail business.

Fulfilment options

Marketplaces allow you to benefit from their fulfilment options, allowing you to increase your stock capacity, without the expense of expanding your own warehouse space. Find out more here!

International expansion

Marketplaces provide fantastic opportunities to test the waters in international markets to see if your products translate well in a different culture, before committing to an international fascia.

It’s never too late to capitalise on the marketplace audience. Let us know via the form below or contact us on 01642 633604 to speak to our Marketplaces team!