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A complete enterprise solution.

In 2014 we set out to launch a game-changing Affiliate Network, offering not only a technologically-supreme solution to publishers and advertisers, but a fresh and bespoke approach to eCommerce Affiliate Marketing services.

Fast forward to 2019 and we’re still going strong, providing services that break the industry mould and offer improved processes to make Affiliate Marketing better for everyone.

Read on to discover more about our eCommerce affiliate marketing agency and services.

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Key deliverables and benefits.

Real-time Reporting
Genuine, no-lag tracking and reporting on an unlimited number of data parameters, so you can react to events in real-time as they happen.
API-enabled Platform
Service-oriented platform built on API foundations so you can integrate your own systems and implement custom automation processes and reporting.
Multi-pivot Filtering
Drill down into your data with unlimited pivots and filters to expose granular market insights and reduce data manipulation time.
Fast & Easy Payments
Partner payments are released within 1 working day of their request and funds are available the same day the advertiser releases them. Payments are available in over 200 countries and territories, and in almost any currency.
Creative Management
Schedule HTML, image, text and feed creative in a ‘calendar view’ interface and determine performance with creative reporting and analytics. Auto-update creative to coincide with promotions and events with no action required by the partner.
Localised Platform
Available in 30 languages, the Performance Horizon Enterprise platform is accessible for global teams.

We've re-engineered Affiliate Marketing technology.

Our affiliate network, Visualsoft Affiliates, boasts industry leading technology with data transparency and transparent campaign management at its core. When setting out, we considered the hurdles we faced when managing affiliate campaigns, and engineered a platform that not only met our needs, but made the whole process a lot simpler for publishers and advertisers alike.

For retailers, we connect with a range of eCommerce platforms, including VS Commerce, to offer Automated Reconciliation, meaning that conversion data can be shared and automatically update commissions based on real-time order status. Our advanced commission tools allow retailers to create a cost structure that works for their business, enabling them to set commissions against margins, products, brands or even new/returning customers.

We offer cross-device tracking, accessible performance data in order to better inform growth and a large-scale project management tool that makes managing campaigns even simpler.

As a channel, Affiliate Marketing isn’t just one opportunity, or one marketing type. The diversity, scope and opportunity is really dependent on the publishers you want to work with in line with your marketing objectives. Each type offers a wide opportunity for growth.

For example, you could tap into bloggers who want to earn from their links, or plug into some of the biggest cash back websites on the market, depending on the goals you’re trying to achieve and audience you want to reach.

There are also a huge array of content-led websites to choose from, such as magazines, shopping portals, editorial and more, which can open up many additional marketing opportunities, all tied to the same core commercial model.

Our team have made it their business to explore the affiliate industry far and wide and build lasting connections for the benefit of our clients, helping you to make the most of this exciting and diverse channel.

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