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eCommerce total cost of ownership

Use our practical framework to work out how much all the different aspects of your eCommerce store are actually costing you. 

eCommerce total cost of ownership

The challenge is real – you’re trying to implement a sustainable long-term eCommerce solution that’s built for growth, cost effective, feature-rich, easy to manage, and doesn’t lumber you with a bunch of hidden charges.

We’re here to help by unpicking all of the elements you need to consider, and providing a straightforward framework to work from.

We cover:

People overheads: addressing how time-consuming and complex eCommerce systems can be to manage, requiring expensive team overheads, onboarding and training.

Hassle factor: those unspoken hours and days trying to technically problem solve glitches and bugs.

Promotional problems: vendors can promise the earth when it comes to digital marketing and advertising with results often lacking (with wasted ad spend).

Hidden costs: existing systems seem affordable on paper but start to look less attractive when you add up all the plugins, integrations, subscriptions and other hidden fees lurking in the background.

Lack of transparency: the ability to accurately forecast and predict eCommerce spend is critical for budget planning, forecasting and calculating cost per transaction

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