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More than just a platform, a business partner

Discover how Visualsoft helped Mr and Mrs Stitch achieve Year on Year growth through our all-in-one eCommerce platform solution and intuitive integrations like Top to Toe EPOS.
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Seamless integration
with Visualsoft
Site speed
That exceeds industry standards

Mr and Mrs Stitch are one of the most established family-owned independent boutiques in Belfast with almost 40 years experience in fashion retail. They offer more ‘edgy’ and unique lines within well-known luxury menswear brands including Paul Smith, Oliver Spencer and Stine Goya.

Mr & Mrs Stitch found themselves at Visualsoft after discovering our all-in-one eCommerce package with support and marketing, along with a portfolio of credible clients. Our shared success model peaked their interest, suiting their budget and needs, compared to the price tag that came with alternative standalone eCommerce sites. 

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Seamless integration
with Visualsoft
Fashionwear EPOS system
optimising the whole business
Site speed
that exceeds industry standards

"We've achieved as much growth as physically possible"

Since launching with Visualsoft in 2018 Mr and Mrs Stitch have seen continued YoY growth for their overall turnover. From 2019-2020 they saw a growth rate of 77%. Followed by a growth rate of 27% the following year, 2020-2021. The sky certainly is the limit for Mr and Mrs Stitch.

Having the ability to see statistics in real time through the Visualsoft admin has been a perk for the Boutique retailer, allowing them to make informed and accurate decisions based on data. This, coupled with a site speed that exceeds industry standards, and enhanced ergonomics compared to competitors they’re familiar with, is another attractive benefit for the retailer that has improved the site experience for their customers.

 Top to Toe

Improve your stock taking with Top to Toe

"The Visualsoft integration is solid, quick, reliable and a big time saver. You're all really nice guys at Top to Toe EPOS and Visualsoft - we see you both as our partners, not just software suppliers" - Steven Simpson from Mr and Mrs Stitch.


Mr and Mrs Stitch integrated Top to Toe, who are the highest rated EPOS system with a 4.9/5 rating from clients, because of their reputation of reliability, internal stock management and easy stock CSV uploading.

Stock and sales are the retailer's life blood. A great stock management system optimises the whole business, empowering a great Visualsoft website and allowing the retailer to analyse and streamline their complete bricks-and-mortar operation and web sales across their entire retail estate - and Top to Toe facilitate just that. 

Seamless integration with Visualsoft

As Top to Toe is specifically built for Fashion and Footwear retailers, users can create a whole product with all its sizes and colours within a minute or two. These products can then be seamlessly fired onto Visualsoft - no need for users to create the product twice!
The same is true for product transfers between locations (balancing stock is really important for multi-location retailers) – with Top to Toe it can all be done in a size/colour matrix.
When a product sells on a user's Visualsoft website, the sales figures are automatically updated in Top to Toe. When a product sells in store, the stock figures are automatically updated in Visualsoft.
From integrating Top to Toe, they were hoping to achieve a reliable customer experience and have confidence that in-store and online stock is always accurate. And thanks to a regular and reliable CSV update, they have achieved this. 


Have confidence in your stock system

Top to Toe have enhanced the Mr and Mrs Stitch online store by assisting with accurate stock levels, allowing distribution managers and sales teams to have confidence in the stock system they’re using and knowing what products are available for customers to purchase. 

Their stock accuracy level performance after following the Top to Toe integration is at 99.9% meaning the goal they set out to achieve when implementing Top to Toe into their strategy has been well and truly achieved.


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Our Craft. Your Success.

"The Visualsoft integration is solid, quick, reliable and a big time saver. You're all really nice guys at Top to Toe and Visualsoft - we see you both as our partners, not just software suppliers.”
Steven Simpson - Mr and Mrs Stitch
Mr and Mrs Stitch

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