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Five minutes with GFS On How Sustainable Delivery Can Positively Impact Retailers



Given the current state of the environment with factors such as climate change on many people's radar, many consumers believe that larger companies such as larger companies and retailers should put their greenest foot forward and set an example in being more sustainable.


Sustainability is high on the criteria list for many consumers when looking to shop with a brand. According to some recent surveys reported by GFS,
67% of consumers check a brand’s sustainability before purchasing, and 73% of global consumers say they would change their consumption habits to reduce environmental impact. Millennials in particular are becoming more eco conscious and see high value in their favourite brands also being environmentally aware


With many larger companies having significant carbon footprints due to mass production and delivery processes, this is an opportunity to take steps to becoming more carbon neutral. 


GFS is a trusted delivery partner with existing integrations for Visualsoft and, the largest one-stop shop for global managed multi-carrier solutions - bringing together the widest choice of managed multi-carrier services (UK & International), logistical know-how and multi-carrier technology for some of the fastest-growing online retailers. 


We’ve teamed up with them to get their take on how sustainable delivery can positively impact retailers as well as the environment, and how they can take steps to introducing sustainable delivery into their processes.



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What is Sustainable Delivery?


Sustainable delivery sounds great. And for most retailers who offer products that require a physical delivery service to get the goods to their customer, this most likely sounds very attractive given the consumer shift to an eco-conscious mindset when shopping online. But what is sustainable delivery for retailers? 


Sustainable delivery is finding eco-friendly ways of getting the customers order to their door to reduce carbon emissions - for example electric vehicles. 


Technically, sustainable delivery can apply to the whole supply chain from transporting finished products or components from the manufacturer and all the way to the final-mile delivery to the end customer.



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Why is Sustainable Delivery Important to Retailers and Consumers? 

Sustainable Delivery

It is important for businesses to reduce their carbon emissions. And simply put, it matters to retailers because it matters to consumers and the purchase decision they make when they get to the online checkout. 


Recent research shows that 67% of consumers will check a brand’s sustainability before they make their final decision to purchase. 

Retailers who do not take the necessary actions to address this, such as include eco-friendly delivery options at the checkout, risk losing customers and sales . You can read GFS' lastest infographic to find out more.

67% of consumers
Will check a brand’s sustainability before they make their final decision to purchase
Sustainable Delivery Options
GFS offers the whole breadth of options across multiple carriers, all under one roof
52% of Consumers
Would choose one online store over another if its environmental impact on delivery is lower

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Are There Any Challenges Associated with Sustainable Delivery?


Sustainable delivery is a fast moving and fast evolving area. The carrier industry is at different stages of developing and offering these services, which means you can’t get access to every sustainable delivery option from every carrier. 


Having to go to multiple carriers means spreading your volumes and diluting your buying power but operationally this means multiple technology integrations and multiple relationships and carriers to have to manage. 


So one solution to that of course, could be to work with a single multi-carrier provider - and if your eCommerce platform has such a provider already configured - then you’re already a step ahead of the game!


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What Sustainable Delivery Options Are There?


GFS offers the whole breadth of options across multiple carriers, all under one roof. This includes everything from Click and Collect, Parcel Shops, Lockers, Electric Vans, Increased capacity trailers and Carbon Neutral Services on single shipments. 

You can find out all about their delivery options on their site.



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How Do These Options Benefit Retailers?


Introducing sustainable delivery into your business processes can have a host of benefits.


"With sustainable delivery, everyone benefits – the planet, your bottom-line costs, and of course your online sales because offering customers sustainable delivery options means they can shop guilt-free. "


So not only are you helping protect our planet for the generations to come, there is a commercial benefit of not losing sales due to lack of sustainable delivery options to the increasing number of customers for whom an eco-concious choices are important.


Opting for a managed multi-carrier delivery partner like GFS is undoubtedly the easiest and perhaps fastest way to get you on the path to sustainable delivery so you don’t get left behind.



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How Can Retailers Take First Steps Towards Sustainable Delivery?


The Visualsoft platform is already configured with GFS as one of the carriers. For more information on how you can integrate GFS into your Visualsoft site, get in touch with your Account Director today.


Alternatively If you need help or advice growing your eCommerce business, we have an amazing team specialised in building, growing and scaling online businesses. Fill in the form below and a member of the team will be in touch!


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