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eCommerce Confidence Report 2023

Consumer attitudes to financial health and what it means for eCommerce growth.

eCommerce confidence report 2023

Economic uncertainty is disrupting Britain’s eCommerce market and consumer spending. To keep sales healthy, small businesses must be even smarter at driving online traic, conversion and revenue.

This report gives retailers fresh consumer and market insight to optimise your digital marketing spend and keep your sales strategies on track.

Discover true shopper sentiment

Featuring findings from the Visualsoft 2023 Consumer Sentiment Survey conducted by OnePoll, it reveals what consumers think and feel about the economy and their ability to spend. Importantly, it tells you:

  • Where you should be investing to generate the highest returns
  • Which demographic groups and regions are most positive about their financial spend
  • Who’s most likely to be targeting their extra cash on non-essential discretionary items

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