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23 tips for peak season 2023: Tip 14 - Showcase your sustainability

23 tips for peak season 2023: Tip 14 - Showcase your sustainability

As more people than ever before are looking to make sustainable shopping choices, highlighting your environmental credentials can help you attract the growing number of customers who want to make a difference. While all brands should steer clear of greenwashing, promoting earth-friendly products and practices can be a solid marketing strategy. 

Be honest 

Consumers are savvy enough to understand when a brand is stretching the truth to appear more ethical, so be transparent when talking about your sustainability products or policies, and focus on actions rather than words. 

Emphasise quality

Sophisticated consumers don’t expect to compromise on the design and effectiveness of products even for the sake of the environment, so make sure that the sustainability of your collections or materials isn’t the only highlighted benefit.

Educate without lecturing

If sustainability is a core part of your brand’s DNA, sharing insights and inspiration on how you minimise your carbon footprint is a great way to highlight your values and USP, however avoid creating alarming content that will drive away potential customers.

Every little helps

Even the smallest actions can have a positive environmental impact and signal your longer-term commitment to becoming a more sustainable retailer, so highlight any ways your brand promotes recycling, reuse, or reduced consumption. 

Show your support

If it’s not possible for you to promote how your business is working towards sustainability, you could consider partnering with a charity or environmental organisation as an alternative way to show support.

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