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23 tips for peak season 2023: Tip 22 - Share your shipping schedule

23 tips for peak season 2023: Tip 22 - Share your shipping schedule

Unexpected delivery costs and timescales are often cited as a leading cause for basket abandonment, so to keep your customers in the know, make sure you share your holiday season delivery dates. By providing vital info upfront, you can avoid shopper disappointment, reduce refunds, and build consumer confidence in your brand. 

Dedicated delivery info 

Create a dedicated, easy-to-find page on your website for Christmas delivery information. This page should include the last delivery dates for each shipping method, as well as any special offers or discounts that you’re running. 

Update your ads

Including your last Christmas delivery dates in your ads can help to ensure that customers see the information when they’re making a purchase. Use clear and consistent language throughout to avoid confusion.

Keep it clear 

Provide straightforward pricing for each delivery option you offer, allowing customers to make informed decisions about which option is best for them. Also, be transparent about any additional fees or charges that may apply to strengthen shopper satisfaction and conversions.

Consider free delivery

Introducing a free delivery option for orders over a specified value is a proven way to uplift average order value for the festive season. Make sure your spending threshold is high enough to encourage customers to increase their spend, but not so high that it discourages them from making a purchase.

Promote delivery deals

Highlight any delivery offers prominently throughout your online store, social channels and ad campaigns to increase visibility and capture more sales.

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