23 tips for peak season 2023: Tip 19 - Power up your product pages

23 tips for peak season 2023: Tip 19 - Power up your product pages

While your homepage should provide the perfect shopfront for your online store, your product pages are actually the most important when it comes to driving revenue. That means that as part of your preparation for Q4, it’s essential that you optimise them as much as possible to maximise conversions during the holiday season and beyond. 

Get creative with your descriptions

Don’t think of your product descriptions as purely functional. As well as covering the essentials such as material, size, and unique selling points, entice shoppers by highlighting the advantages that each of your products offer.

Opt for illustrative images 

High-quality imagery is super important to online shoppers, however your product pics also need to provide key visual information that can encourage shoppers to convert. Ensure they cover important details to build consumer confidence, and look to incorporate 360 views or videos where possible. 

Add in social proofing 

Build in customer reviews, highlight awards and accolades, and look at ways to feature user-generated content across your product pages to elevate trust and share real-life experiences that shoppers can relate to.

Remove all barriers

If you understand what can stop shoppers from adding items to their basket, then look to overcome these objections on your product pages by providing valuable info upfront. For example, this can include size guides, installation instructions, and pricing calculators.

Utilise upselling

Don’t miss out on opportunities to encourage shoppers to increase their order value - utilise tried and tested cross-selling and upselling techniques across your product pages to uplift your online revenue.

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