23 tips for peak season 2023: Tip 18 - Let shoppers pay their way

23 tips for peak season 2023: Tip 18 - Let shoppers pay their way

With the cost of living rising and shoppers pushed to the max with lower budgets, it’s a good idea to showcase your payment methods across your site and ads to build consumer confidence, reduce basket abandonment, and potentially reach a wider audience of customers who want to pay their way. 

Provide payment flexibility 

Most shoppers will abandon a purchasing journey if they’re presented with insufficient payment options at the checkout, so offer more than a standard debit/credit card option wherever possible, and partner with a solution such as VS Pay that supports a huge number of payment methods.

Consider credit options

In light of increasing financial constraints, it’s anticipated that many shoppers will be looking for ways to spread or delay the costs of their festive purchases this year, so now’s the time to consider offering buy now pay later options.

Don’t overlook localisation 

If you’re looking to secure more global sales, offering localised payment options and accepting a wide range of currencies is critical to drive conversions overseas.

Maximise convenience 

Let shoppers glide through your checkout with wallet options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay that are specifically designed to reduce payment friction.

Offer best-in-class security

Whatever payment options you offer, make sure that your business and customers are fully protected from fraud with industry-leading security measures.

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