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23 tips for peak season 2023: Tip 7 - Inspire shoppers with holiday gift guides

23 tips for peak season 2023: Tip 7 - Inspire shoppers with holiday gift guides

Gift guides are a staple of the holiday season, and by crafting your own engaging versions, you can help shoppers find the perfect purchases while also building brand awareness and enhancing your customer service. Well-executed gift guides can also stimulate eagerness and anticipation for the festivities, prompting early shopping and impulsive purchases.

Let customers shape your selection 

When curating a gift guide, carefully consider the needs and wants of your target market. Think about who they’re shopping for, what challenges your guide will help them overcome, and which products best suit their budgets and gifting intentions. 

Don’t be afraid to innovate

Incorporate new ideas to set your guide apart from the sea of other offerings. For inspiration, look at guides from previous holiday seasons as well as gift-related queries you’ve received from customers, and identify how you can add even further value for shoppers. 

Keep your content fresh

Even if your product line is generally the same as this time last year, it’s important to ensure that your gift guide is regularly updated to incorporate current trends and offer a fresh perspective to potential customers.

Maximise reach and visibility

Be sure to share your gift guides across your online store, social media platforms, and email campaigns to encourage shoppers to engage with your brand and be inspired by your selection.

Analyse and improve

Evaluate the performance of your gift guides to optimise their effectiveness for future seasons, and adjust content and product selections accordingly. 

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