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23 tips for peak season 2023: Tip 20 - Give your social channels an autumn clean

23 tips for peak season 2023: Tip 20 - Give your social channels an autumn clean

Many shoppers research retailers via their social channels to get a feel for their brand and make sure they’re legitimate before they commit to an order. That means that in advance of peak trading, it’s useful to ensure your Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook pages are up to date and feature the most relevant and recent information.

Create consistency

Make sure your channels send a unified brand message to shoppers and potential customers, and are evenly updated with your latest news, product ranges and promotions.

Interact and engage

Don’t just post and go - respond to comments and questions, and participate in conversations with your channel followers to build stronger relationships.

Leverage selling opportunities 

Social media has evolved in recent years to bridge the gap between researching and buying, so assess whether you’re making the most of each channel and look at what selling opportunities each platform can currently offer to your brand.

Stick to a plan

To maximise the return from your social channels, ideally you should have a strategy that underpins your approach to creating and sharing content. If you’re serious about boosting sales via socials, get in expert help to take your profiles to new heights. 

Dust off or delete

If you feel that a channel isn’t worth maintaining because it doesn’t work well for your business, consider whether it’s worth keeping at all. Sometimes having zero presence on a particular platform can be better than having a neglected one for all to see.

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