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Dominate eBay search results with eBay optimisation

We can help you stand out in search results, reach millions and boost revenue with expert marketing on eBay.

Expert-led marketing strategy and eBay listing optimisation for selling success
A range of targeted eBay marketing packages to suit your brand and budget

What makes Visualsoft’s eBay marketing services different?

We never take the cookie-cutter approach to eBay marketing, which means every element of your service will be entirely unique to you and your business. Whether you’re new to eBay marketplace selling or if you’re already up and running, Visualsoft’s eBay marketing team has the intricate knowledge needed to drive significant growth and success on this much-loved shopping platform.

Over 45 years of combined team experience in marketplace eCommerce
Verified Silver Solution Providers for the eBay marketplace
Experts in eBay policies, best practices and evolving trends
Full-service marketplace agency with flexible packages to suit your business
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4 steps to eBay marketing success

Every eBay seller is unique, so we never use a one-size-fits-all approach to eBay marketing strategy. Here’s our formula for eBay marketing success at Visualsoft:


We’ll get to know your business first

We take the time to understand your business goals, target audience and competitor landscape – this is what shapes your strategy.

We’ll create a bespoke strategy just for you

From defining the perfect launch strategy to creating an extensive plan of action for selling techniques, eBay listing optimisation and measuring performance, your strategy is your blueprint to success.

We’ll stay on top of the trends

eBay is a constantly evolving landscape, and trends are always changing. We’ll be there monitoring everything and keeping on top of any required policy updates – one less thing for you to worry about.

Not just eBay experts

With Visualsoft, you get access to expertise from all areas of online selling, not just eBay. This provides valuable insights for eBay selling that you won’t get from niche, eBay-specific agencies acting alone.

An eBay service for every
business and budget

Designed to maximise your revenue and streamline your processes, our range of eBay marketing packages will save you both money and resources. Pick your package, and we’ll do the rest.

eBay account and listings launch

New to eBay marketplace selling? Let us get you up and running with our launch package, which includes:

Help setting up and verifying your account
A tailored eBay marketing strategy for a successful launch
Help with identifying and managing listing allowances
Creation of quality listings according to eBay best practices
Design of creative content for consistent branding across your website and eBay account
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eBay listing optimisation

Already selling on eBay but want a little help with your listings? Our dedicated eBay listing optimisation package can help you with:

Analysing your current eBay listings and the activity of your closest competitors
Looking for strengths, weaknesses and gaps that could be turned into opportunities to boost your rankings
Improving and fine-tuning your listing content, including keywords, item descriptions, imagery and other creative content
Creation of brand-new creative content by our in-house creative media team to make your listings stand out from the competition and increase sales

eBay account management

Marketing on eBay can be time-consuming, but our eBay account management package can help you with all the day-to-day tasks like:

Handling customer feedback and case logging
Measuring listing performance and sales data
Navigating the intricacies of eBay selling while you focus on what you do best
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eBay seller training
If you’re in a position where you feel you want to handle your own eBay marketing strategy and activity in the future, we can set you on the right path with our training package. Our experts will train your entire team on all aspects of marketing on eBay, from getting set up to managing listings and measuring performance.
Bonus content: eBay… and beyond?
We can help you master the art of eBay marketing, and then help you take things a step further. When you’re ready, we’ll guide you through expanding beyond eBay into other marketplaces, and perhaps even into exciting new international markets.

Do I need an eBay marketing agency?

This is a personal choice that will depend on what stage your business is at. Help from an agency could be just the thing you need if any of these situations describe your business:

You’re new to the idea of selling on eBay and you need help getting started

 You want to sell on eBay but you don’t have time to manage your account

 You already sell on eBay but you think you could be doing better, for example:

  • Are you optimised fully for eBay’s best match algorithm?
  • Could your listings be converting more successfully?
  • Are your listings in all the relevant filters?

eBay is a highly competitive marketplace, so success relies on how well you’re able to stand out from the competition and attract buyers. To do this, you need a solid strategy in place and a thorough understanding of your target audience.

Having access to an agency with extensive knowledge of eBay’s algorithm can help you pin down that strategy, get better insights into your audience and make sure your products are properly differentiated from your competitors.

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