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Google Analytics Is Making Some Changes; Is Your Platform Provider Prepared?

Find out how you can prepare for GA3 retiring, and GA4 launching.

Google Analytics as we know it is changing. The current version of Universal Analytics / GA3 is being retired in July 2023, but we've got you covered. From this date, it will no longer collect new hits. So, what’s next?


Introducing GA4, Google’s next-generation measurement solution, although the name sounds similar, that’s where the similarity ends. 


The migration from GA3 to GA4 is no small task. Fortunately, Visualsoft has this covered. Our product team, developers and technical Analysts have been beavering away for months behind the scenes to provide you with a solution. If your site is hosted with Visualsoft, you can now activate GA4 with the flick of a switch!  This means your GA4 can be quickly set up so you can start collecting key data such as website revenue to enable you to perform YoY analysis once GA3 is retired next year.

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Key GA4 Changes:


  • GA4 provides much more robust and reliable cross-device and cross-platform tracking than GA3

  • It takes longer to process data for some reports - typically 24-48 hours

  • GA4 only supports conversion events, whereas GA3 supports five goal types: destination, duration, pages/session, smart goals, and event goals

  • GA4 will introduce both user and session conversion rate. Session conversion rate is the e-commerce conversion rate you see in GA3

  • GA4 and GA3 will not match 100% as GA4 is a new product, GA4 processes data and attributes sales completely differently from GA3

  • Discrepancy in revenue of between 5% - 10% is not unusual as GA4 factors real-time fluctuations of exchange rates into account with the updated 'currencyCodes' which automatically converts forex payments to GBP

  • Improved cross-device tracking of GA4 can result in a lower total user count

  • Google created GA4 to be much more customised than GA3, so standard reports from GA3 will not be available in GA4 (not like for like). With this in mind reports should be created that meets your needs within GA4

  • GA4 currently only exists as a property, GA3 views / filters are not available at this time
Start collecting key data
Such as website revenue to enable you to perform YoY analysis
Robust and reliable
Cross-device and cross-platform tracking provided by GA4
With the flick of a switch
You can now activate GA4 with Visualsoft

GA4 Training

GA4 processes data in an entirely new manner, and it will take some getting used to. We’d recommend having a look around GA4 soon to get familiar with the changes. 

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For Training, we’d recommend heading to: Skillshop


For Visualsoft customers, get in touch with your Account Director for more information, or alternatively, ask your provider whether your platform is GA4 ready!

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