In consideration of referring a successful project to Visualsoft, it is agreed that:

  1. Upon launch of the eCommerce project, or after receiving payment of the 6th installment of a monthly service, Visualsoft will issue a referral fee as follows:
    1. Essential Service Referral = £250 Referral Fee
    2. Professional Service Referral = £500 Referral Fee
    3. Professional+ Service Referral = £750 Referral Fee
    4. Enterprise Service Referral = £1,000 Referral Fee
  2. The referral fee shall be a flat fee per referred project, regardless of the value of any resulting sales of additional services or future projects by Visualsoft.
  3. To ensure correct allocation of fees, all referrals must follow Visualsoft’s referrals procedure and be submitted via the online Referral Form. Upon fees being due, Visualsoft will require an invoice and payment shall be made within 30 days.
  4. Placement of advertisements and referral methods for Visualsoft are at the sole discretion of the referrer. However, in order to solicit sales, the referrer shall not make promises either expressed or implied pertaining to services offered by Visualsoft unless authorised in writing by Visualsoft to do so.
  5. The relationship between Visualsoft and the referrer shall at all times be that of independent organisations. No partnership or joint venture is formed and at no time may the referrer claim to be affiliated to Visualsoft. In view of this independent relationship the referrer shall not enter into any agreements on behalf of Visualsoft.
  6. The referrer agrees not to disclose any confidential information to any third party pertaining Visualsoft's services, technology and prospective or existing clients.
  7. Referrals cannot be claimed retrospectively on any active enquiries which have already engaged with Visualsoft and received a proposal.
  8. You cannot refer yourself or anyone who already has an existing account with Visualsoft.

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