Your Peak Season Playbook


As we inch towards the 'Golden Quarter' once more, we couldn't help but think this may be a Q4 with a twist.

We are hyper-aware of the possibility of a second wave, particularly as we move towards colder months, where other Coronavirus strains spread more readily.

If you're not already exploring the world of eCommerce, the time is now (we'd love to have a chat), and for the eCommerce veterans out there, we wanted to help you prepare for what could potentially be the first eCommerce-only Q4 ever.

Our industry specialists will be delivering byte-size sessions, detailing key trends from this whirlwind of a year and how retailers can use these insights to help curate airtight Q4 strategies.

Are you ready? 👇🏼

Tapping into the minds of your customer in prep for Q4

We all want to know how Q4 is going to perform after the recent change in market conditions.

We also want to be sure our investments are going to pay off, and that we are going to keep our customers' shopping and our revenue high.

Visualsoft's Strategy Lead, Kathy Allen, will be exploring the mindset of the customer, as well as some of the recent trends in online shopping behaviour, to help retailers plan their approach to Q4.

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Why automation will be more important than ever this Black Friday period.

As e-commerce is growing at an exponential rate following the inability of people to access the high street, it's more important than ever to utilise all of the available tools to ensure you are squeezing every drop of performance from your marketing activities.

Craig Murphy, Head of Search, will explain the best approaches, and the pitfalls to look out for and avoid.

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Social Media: The Future of Commerce

Lars Kossman, Agency Partner Manager from Facebook will be joining us to discuss the future of commerce and social media and what you can do to get ahead of your competition.

Head of Social at Visualsoft, Daniel Dixon will also be showcasing new features in the Visualsoft platform built to connect your eCommerce store with Facebook & Instagrams commerce solutions.

Please join Visualsoft and Facebook for an incredible session.

Influencing purchase decisions in peak season

When entering into any peak sales season, large scale website changes to design and usability should, in the main, be kept to a minimum.

This webinar, delivered by Head of CRO, Dale Higginbottom, aims to highlight some of the smaller, simpler tweaks that can be made to make the most of the increase in website traffic, and positively impact the sales conversion rate.

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Prime, Prep and Optimise

Make sure your online store is in the best shape possible for the Golden Quarter with seasonal advice from our eCommerce experts.

In this session we’ll run through some tried and tested tips for peak trading, and we’ll highlight user-centric features that can help you boost conversions.

We’ll also share some platform performance insights, and predictions for the coming quarter.

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Enhancing email

Email marketing is more than sending a sale email to everyone in your database. It’s about creating those one-on-one relationships with your audience by sending out emails that are highly personalised and relevant on an individual basis.

This session will explore the benefits of utilising dynamic content in emails to interact with consumers, allowing you to talk with them and not just at them.

Compelling emails help to inspire engagement, develop relationships and connect people to the right products at the right time.

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The Sales Funnel: Aligning Your Partners in Q4

Understanding how your partners are driving sales and where in the funnel they are influencing your customers is key to building the strongest campaigns possible during a period of high competition and hopefully, high customer engagement.

We deep-dive into exactly what the partner marketing funnel is, the pros and cons of all it's components and the successes we've seen in the past when leveraging the full funnel effectively.

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The Marketplace Masterplan

Understand how to use marketplaces to expand your reach and place yourselves in front of new audiences.

In a time of uncertainty, supporting your eCommerce efforts through marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay will prove fruitful in the run up to Q4.

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