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What actually is CRO and what can it do for my online business?

Simply put, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) has one key objective: to increase the percentage of visitors who convert into customers. Using website analysis tools, testing, and user feedback, CRO is able to discover which features and website pages are underperforming and experiment with design layouts, text, images, CTAs etc., to see which are preferred by visitors and encourage the most conversions.

So, what can CRO do for your business?

CRO is incredibly valuable and cost-effective and should be included in your online marketing strategy. With its primary goal to improve customer experience on your site, CRO attempts to turn those simply browsing into valuable customers. Through processes of A/B and user testing, more accurate and relevant results can be generated and can help you learn about your customers to create the best user experience.

Constantly improve user experience

With CRO, there is always room for improvement and through a process of hypothesising and testing we can find ways to truly optimise conversions. Even the smallest of changes can help conversion rates, and although these may generate only small gains, this will significantly improve your bottom line over time. Moreover, maximising your profit gives you the financial resources to spend on additional acquisition.


Unlike other marketing efforts that sink costs into methods to attract additional traffic to your site, CRO is more efficient and cost-effective as it aims to convert a higher percentage of your current visitors. A well-known fact and key benefit of this strategic approach is that by doubling your conversions you are halving cost per acquisition.

Discover what works for you

What works for others, does not necessarily mean it will work for you. CRO is not a guessing game, and looking into what works for others will not help you identify what will work best for you. Every business has their own unique audience, and so it is important to discover what your own audience responds best to in order to adapt to their needs and expectations.

Get ahead

Get that edge over competitors through making CRO work for you and adding that personalised touch to attract, engage and encourage sales from your visitors. Taking this strategic approach will also help you become more attractive to affiliates and partners that you work with.

Assist other marketing efforts

Through the marketing efforts of methods such as PPC, SEO, Social, Affiliate and Email that are used to drive additional traffic to your site and achieve new acquisitions, CRO can help to defeat limited attention spans and push these visitors through that last phase before conversion.

Need more convincing?

  • Average ROI 223% (VentureBeat)
  • 98% of respondents agreed CRO is valuable to the success of their marketing and product strategy (Optimizely)
  • 94% respondents agree that optimization improves their understanding of their customers (Optimizely)
  • 93% of executives believe improving customer experience is a top strategic priority (Human Factors International)

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