Becky Lawson

Visualsoft PPC team win a Bing Ads Bonanza Box

We’re proud to share the news that our PPC team recently won a ‘Bing Bonanza Box’ in a recent competition organised by Bing Ads.

The initiative aimed to help further drive the success of our client Bing Ads accounts and the team have had a very successful month!

The Bing Ads management which the PPC service run involves setting up a Bing Shopping feed, creating Bing Shopping and Text campaigns and optimisation of these, as well as using more advanced features such as Remarketing Lists for Search Ads and the latest Bing Ad Extensions. This search engine requires a tailored strategy as the core demographic differs from the Google audience.

Bing is increasing its UK market share each month and as of June 2016 holds 9.29% of the UK’s search engine market share. Well done team PPC!

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