Beth Thompson

The Future of eCommerce Series: Visualsoft x NMPi on Navigating Shifts in Consumer Behaviours

With lockdown still being enforced (for now) to minimise the impacts of COVID-19, many retailers are wondering how to prepare for the future.

For this reason, last week, we launched our Future of eCommerce series (you can check out our first session with Klarna here) to discuss how retailers can prepare for potential opportunities and minimise any threats.

We are delighted to be working with Andrew Turner, Commercial Director at NMPi for the second instalment in the Future of eCommerce series, discussing: "Navigating Shifts in Consumer Behaviours".

Over the last 10 years of his career, Andrew has operated in both a commercial & partnership function for NMPi, a performance media agency, and has led on successful pitch processes for some of the UK's largest retailers such as M&S, Superdrug and Harvey Nichols, which affords him a wealth of knowledge around how the market leaders are thinking about the opportunity of eCommerce in the longer term.

Andrew's session will cover:

  • Immediate and longer-term shifts in consumer behaviours
  • What opportunities retailers can expect once the pandemic has ended
  • Potential threats to retailers that may arise post-Coronavirus and how to navigate them

Please join Visualsoft and NMPi on Tuesday 12th May, 11am- 11.30am for the second webinar in our Future of eCommerce series.

To register, simply click here.

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