Becky Lawson

UK consumers name top three innovations

A recent poll carried out by analyst firm The Foundation has revealed that online shopping is the second favourite innovation of the last ten years amongst UK consumers, with broadband topping the list in first place.

The study was carried out with 2,243 consumers, who were asked to rank the top three and bottom three products, in order, that have had a positive or negative impact on everyday life over the last decade.

The web dominated the majority of the survey, with broadband and online shopping coming first and second, and search engine Google scooping third place. Fourth place went to chip and PIN payments and fifth to digital cameras, which again have become prevalent, thanks to the ease with which UK users can share their snaps on the Internet through fast broadband.

The time-saving aspects of online shopping were cited by most respondents as the key factor to their reasons for voting it into the top three. Although, consumers appear to be less concerned about the lower prices available online, and more interested in the sheer convenience of online shopping, according to the results of the survey.

One consumer asked to rank the products said: “I can’t even imagine life without the ability shop online now. I get pretty much everything online, from clothes and gifts at Christmas to groceries, holidays, even my car. There is so much choice online and you get a far better chance of getting a bargain.”

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