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Tips for a successful email marketing campaign

Email marketing is a crucial part of building an online presence and can be very effective if implemented in the correct way. Email marketing is incredibly useful for customer retention and can also be effective for customer acquisition by giving current subscribers the opportunity to recommend a friend for a reward. To help you along the way here are a few of Visualsoft’s tips to help you run a successful and ‘smart’ email marketing campaign.

1. Segmenting

At Visualsoft we offer the opportunity to aim your e-mail campaign at specific audiences. Using our advanced segmentation you can create mailing lists to target subscribers based on brands they have purchased in the past, as well as purchase frequency and average order value. This means your e-mail will always be specific and relevant to the subscriber resulting in a low unsubscribe rate.

2. Pull subscribers in with the subject line

Use strong call to actions to get the subscriber to open the e-mail. If you are offering discount, let this be seen in the subject line. Making the pitch in the subject line can help to gain huge traffic.

3. Treat subscribers like VIP’s

Most people sign up to newsletters with the hope of being offered discount. Give them what they want and in return they’ll give you what you want… revenue!

4. Use lots of links

The aim of the e-mail is to get the recipient to click through to your site and make a purchase, so include as many links as possible for the user to click-through. You should also track your links from the e-mail. Over time you will be able analyse these links, get rid of the useless links and optimise the top performing links.

5. Don’t be afraid to send ‘too many’ emails

If you send one email per month you run the risk of people forgetting about you. If you get into a routine of sending emails weekly then people will remember you when they come to buy. If you’re going to frequently send emails make sure they’re all relevant and interesting to maintain a low unsubscribe rate. This is where the advanced segmentation will really have an effect.

6. Analysis

Distinguishing between what works and what doesn’t will allow you to run a more successful streamlined e-mail marketing campaign in the future. Remembering the ‘Plan – implement – analyse’ cycle will stop you making the same mistakes more than once.

At Visualsoft our Online Marketing Team specialises in strategic marketing for eCommerce websites. Advanced email marketing is just one of the channels that we offer, which includes the planning, implementation and analysis of an advanced strategy. For more information on any of our eCommerce Solutions please contact Visualsoft e-Commerce today on 0870 766 1092.

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