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Take Advantage Of The Google Ads Credit Incentive!

Google has recently been fined a record-breaking €2.42 billion by the European Commission, after it ruled the company had abused its power by promoting its own comparison shopping service (CSS) at the top of search results.

What is a comparison shopping service?

A CSS is a website that collects product offers from online retailers and then sends users to the retailers’ websites to make a purchase.

Utilising a CSS can lead to significant extra exposure, as ads can be served via multiple comparison sites, running alongside existing shopping campaigns.

What does the ruling mean for retailers?

Following the EU Commission’s antitrust ruling, retailers can now buy Shopping Ads (formerly Product Listing Ads) through any shopping comparison site with a significant saving. The good news is - this opens up an opportunity for your brand to gain extra visibility on Google’s search page.

Google’s latest incentive:

Off the back of this antitrust crackdown, Google are offering 30 day Spend Credits as an incentive over the coming months.

For all existing merchants, Google will provide ad credits after each 30 day period. The amount of ad credits will be based on a percentage of a partner CSS's spend on Shopping Ads for a given merchant during that 30 day period:

  • Any merchant with spend in a 30 day period between €500 - €2,500 gets 20% of the spend credited to that merchant's account.
  • Any merchant with spend in a 30 day period between €2,500 - €10,000 gets 25%.
  • Any merchant with spend in a 30 day period above €10,000 gets 30%.
*Credit to be spent in next 30 days. Capped at €32,000 credit.

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