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Steal Hearts And Convert With Inspiring Email Marketing This Valentine’s Day

On average, our jewellery clients saw an increase in revenue of 28% last year. As Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days in the eCommerce calendar, our Email Marketing Strategist, Steph Thompson, has highlighted her top tips to help jewellery retailers steal some hearts with their email marketing campaigns!

It’s estimated that around £650 million was spent on Valentine’s Day gifts in Great Britain last year and with an increase of around 5% in 2017, this year’s spend is looking to reach even higher heights. We’re showing no signs of reducing the amount we spend on our loved ones, meaning that the opportunity to sell is huge. With men spending, on average, more than women, jewellery is set to be a key gift once again this year - so we’re advising all online retailers to take advantage of this opportunity via their email marketing!

Get Ahead Of The Game

Many online retailers have already begun their Valentine’s Day campaigns. Get ahead of the game and start sending your Valentine’s Day emails at the beginning of February!

Firstly, give subscribers some advice about what gift to purchase for their loved one - showcasing gift guides can be useful and informative. We know that purchasing a gift for a partner is a considered purchase, so the buyer may need to think about the item for a few days. The best way to aid them during their quest for the perfect gift, is to provide inspiration and make it as easy as possible for them.

Within this browsing time, email marketing can play a huge part in retaining the interest of the subscriber. Sending multiple emails can encourage potential customers to come back and complete the purchase. It is important to keep your brand at the top of your subscriber’s mind over this period!

Stand Out From The Crowd

What makes your jewellery stand out? Make sure you showcase:

  • The quality of your jewellery
  • Your most loved brands
  • Perfect gifts for him and her
  • Gift wrapping and personalisation services (if applicable)

Take note of these top tips to make your emails stand out even more:

  • Include gifs in your emails to grab attention
  • Include countdown timers to instill urgency
  • Use personalisation in subject lines and email content to give a more personal feel
  • Use emojis to set your emails apart in the inbox - personally, we’re big fans of 💍 💝 💓 💖

Use Your Data!

To truly optimise the performance of your Valentine’s Day emails, it’s best to send targeted, triggered emails to your subscriber base utilising the data you have gathered. It’s now more important than ever to value and utilise the data you have, as your lists may be smaller than they were last year due to a GDPR campaign. Be smarter with the data you have and show your subscribers why they were right to give you their data - show them a little love this Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a few examples of how you can use your data in email marketing:

  • Use preference form data to target those you know purchase from you.
  • Use wish lists to allow partners to wish for your jewellery from their loved one. You can also encourage subscribers to forward your emails to their Valentine’s as a way of wishing for a specific gift.
  • Send targeted content to non-purchasers to encourage them to make their first purchase this Valentine’s Day, promoting why your jewellery would be the perfect gift.
  • You can also send targeted content based upon prior purchases; for those who purchased a bracelet last Valentine’s Day, could you promote the charm to match the bracelet this year? For those who purchased a ring last year, you could promote a stackable ring to be worn together.

Cross-Channel Collaboration

Using other marketing channels to complement your email marketing campaigns can help your results soar!

Maximise the potential of your Valentine’s Day campaign by promoting similar content on social media. You can also target your email subscribers on social media, for example with targeted posts to those who haven’t opened your emails, letting them know that something is waiting in their inbox. This can help to instill urgency, as well as acting as a remarketing tool!

You can also use remarketing banners, to keep those who have been on your site in the past interested. As well as sending regular emails, banners can help to keep your brand front of mind, in a crowded market.

Don’t Forget About The Singles!

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about giving to a loved one. Those who are single in your subscriber base may be encouraged to treat themselves this Valentine’s Day if you offer them a little incentive! This can be a great way to promote repeat or first time purchases.

Show Your Loyal Subscribers Some Love

It’s been somewhat of a tough time for a number of brands over the last 12 months, with many seeing a drop in their subscriber numbers post-GDPR. Remember: your most loyal subscribers are the ones who have stuck by you, continued to engage with your emails and have purchased - so why not show them some love?

The season of love is the perfect time to let your most loyal subscribers know that their repeat custom has not gone unnoticed and that you appreciate them! You could celebrate their loyalty, by offering them an extra incentive to allow them to treat either themselves, or buy something for others, at this time of year.

What Happens After Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day may be over, but don’t let the love die!

It’s vital to reflect on how your Valentine’s Day emails performed and what you can learn moving forward. Email marketing is constantly evolving, so it’s important to stay ahead of the game. Make sure you analyse the performance of your emails, to gain insight into how best to engage with your subscribers for other promotions throughout the year, plus next Valentine’s Day!

Email relevancy and personalisation is a key trend for 2019 and using the data you have along with insight into the performance of these emails, may be the cornerstone of your 2019 email strategy moving forward!

If you need any more advice or guidance on how to spread the love to your subscribers, get in touch with our Email Marketing Experts, by calling 01642 988416 or via email to bd@visualsoft.co.uk.

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