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Social networking used to maximise online sales

The latest study from eDigitalResearch has shown that more and more retailers are opting to connect with their customers through social networking sites. Retailers are starting to use Facebook and Twitter to increase their sales in the current economic climate, and the networking sites have become a popular choice for retailers who want to up their marketing strategies and help their business grow in popularity.

eDigitalResearch, the leading provider of digital market research have reported their latest results, showing that more and more companies are choosing to set up Facebook and Twitter accounts in the hope of maximising their sales opportunities. The results also show that most retailers have already doubled their followings on Facebook and Twitter over the past six months.

With the current economic climate still looking bleak, social networking seems to be the perfect way for retailers to gain more and more clients, without having to dramatically change their business approaches.

With Facebook and Twitter being visited by millions each day, it is the ideal place for retailers to connect with their customers more frequently. Allowing retailers to communicate with their customers every day and keep them up to date with the latest news and events. Facebook remains the most popular site for companies, which helps retailers engage with millions of their customers every day.

Leading high street fashion chain Topshop, have significantly improved their business with the help of their Twitter account, as well as online retailers Amazon and ASOS who have enhanced their customer base and increased their sales opportunities with the help of Facebook.

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