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How to use Pinterest to reach out to your audience now and beyond

Whilst Pinterest’s audience was rapidly growing before the recent global developments, it's no surprise that with the UK currently in lockdown, the social platform has reported an all-time high in activity. Users are turning to the platform for ideas on how to fill their spare time, find solutions for home-schooling ideas, recipes and home workouts.

The way brands choose to communicate with their audience has never been more important and is likely to leave a lasting sentiment with their prospective and current customers.

Our Head of Social Media, Dan Dixon, has produced some guidance on navigating Pinterest throughout the current global developments and beyond.

Brands should consider an added-value approach on Pinterest now, as it is likely to engage users and customers for the long term. This will help to bolster a company’s ongoing retention strategy.

  1. Sensitively acknowledge the situation:
    Before you consider what your content should look like, it’s important to address the current global situation. Carrying on with your content completely ‘as normal’ could come across as insensitive. It is important to review any pre-scheduled posts so they are relevant and thoughtful. It is absolutely possible to acknowledge the current situation without being perceived as opportunistic.

  2. Be relevant
    Relevance is always top of mind for marketers, but, on the back of acknowledging the situation we find ourselves in, it is perhaps more vital than ever before that the content you create is relevant as to not appear insensitive as per above. Fashion retailers aren’t going to be sharing night-out outfit ideas etc and must find more relevant ideas, appropriate to the situation.

  3. Get practical
    Remembering why users go to Pinterest in the first palace is key: for inspiration. This is where you can really add value to your audience during this time. Don’t just share ‘ideas’ for ideas sake, take the idea and break it down into practical, actionable steps.

  4. Focus on your visuals
    Pinterest is naturally a visual platform so matching beautiful imagery that brings your relevant, practical content to life is vital to the success of any campaign.

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