Becky Lawson

Sharp growth predicted in the m-Commerce market

The latest figures released by analyst firm TeaLife have revealed that more than 10 million consumers in the UK used their mobiles to carry out various m-Commerce transactions over the past 12 months, and the figures will continue to grow rapidly.

Topping the list of favourite mobile activities was online shopping, although other services such as online banking and booking tickets for travel, were also high on the list of mobile activities.

The research found that 51% of those questioned stated that they would rather shop using their mobile phone than via a bricks and mortar retailer. Fifty-two per cent said they felt happier using mobile sites to carry out safe shopping online than using their PCs or laptops, which suggests that the shift towards m-commerce is definitely on the horizon within the next few years.

Similarly, another study this week found that m-Commerce and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is going to become increasingly popular over the next three years.

Analysts at Juniper Research have said that by 2014 one fifth of all smartphones will have NFC chips built into them as standard, which will equate to around 300 million people across the world being equipped to carry out small payments with their mobiles when they are out and about as well as interact with hotspots that link to safe shopping online.

Both studies have proven that Mobile Commerce is here to stay and fast becoming a market that retailers need to embrace. For more information about the m-Commerce services Visualsoft offer and how your business can benefit from it, contact us today.

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