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Search Hacks for a successful Cyber Weekend 2017

Cyber Weekend preparations cannot be a last minute job. Leaving it until the eleventh hour is a huge no-no and will ultimately send those eager shoppers elsewhere with their credit cards at the ready.

Each year we’ve seen consumers starting their holiday shopping even earlier in the run up to Cyber Weekend, with 40% beginning their research and shopping as early as October. So, to make the most of biggest sales period of the year, it’s essential that you are at the forefront of SERPs and your customers’ mind.

Want to know how? Our SEO-savvy Kat Pattison and PPC-pro Laura Williams share their wisdom on how to make Cyber Weekend 2017 one to remember.


First of all, create a dedicated landing page for your Cyber Weekend deals in order to compete for those coveted Black Friday terms. Keywords such as ‘Black Friday’, ‘Cyber Monday’, ‘Black Friday Deals’ and ‘Black Friday 2017’ should be included in your content, your URL structure and all metadata and headings. It’s also important to consider industry-specific terms that shoppers will be looking for, taking the time to explore keywords relating to your sector could be what sets you apart from your competitor.


Capitalise on the build-up to Cyber Weekend with a page that teases some of your best deals and product offers. Prior to launch, this will help increase anticipation, plus you can always use this page to capture valuable customer data, such as emails in exchange for ‘exclusive access’ to Cyber Weekend discounts. The sooner this page is live, the sooner it will be indexed by search engines and you can use this page for future Cyber Weekend promotions by building on the work you’ve already done.


It’s important that you catch the traffic the week leading up to Black Friday, as customers on these dates will more than likely be looking for who sells what they want in preparation for the Cyber Weekend. We also recommend retargeting to these users from Black Friday to Cyber Monday through Audiences, Remarketing and RLSA’s to drive more efficient performance throughout the peak period.


According to Google, half of all online winter purchases will start from a mobile device, and in 2016, more than three in five sales conversions took place on mobile (eConsultancy). So capturing your customers on your mobile is a must. For your PPC campaigns, if bids on mobiles have been reduced, remove these adjustments.

It’s vital that your site provides a seamless mobile experience, so now is the time to start testing! Make sure you offer a fast and easy checkout experience, optimise all creative work for mobile and make sure all buttons, products and descriptions are clear on a smaller screen.


Make sure your messaging is maintained across all your channels. If you are pushing a promotion across Social Media, remember they may use Google to search for your company another time.


  1. When it comes to establishing your PPC campaigns, make sure your budgets are increased accordingly to cope with increased traffic – or be on call for potential additional increases needed.
  2. Peak times start at midnight – so ensure ads show all hours of the day over this period.
  3. Remember when the journey begins – cross device & attribution insights are key when pulling together bid strategies.
  4. Make sure you take advantage of all Ad Extensions available to push as many messages as possible, and move competition further down the screen!

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