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Research highlights the need to embrace changing email habits

Results from a recent survey have revealed that there has been an 81% growth in the viewing of email via mobile devices. The news comes as more and more consumers are using their mobiles and tablets to access their emails.

Emailing on the move has become a new way of communicating both in and out of the office. Marketers are suddenly faced with the task of adapting to this new way of messaging and peoples new email habits. This study highlights the importance of adapting email marketing for smartphones, and also the effect this could have on mCommerce.

Webmail was found to be the leading platform for email viewing with 48% of the total. Desktop was just 36% of views with mobile access around 16%.

Research group Return Path founded these figures after carrying their latest survey. They also predict that email viewing on the move is set to increase as people are reading their emails anywhere and everywhere as well as the rise in mobile and tablet use.

Bryan Dreller, Product Manager for Return Path says “With the rise of the iPad and the tablet market, mobile has been redefined. According to our study, iPad viewership has grown 15% between October 2010 and March 2011 and we expect to continue to see this percentage grow in the coming months with the recent release of iPad 2. Marketers need to adapt to this change in where and when consumers are accessing email and online content.”

With these latest results, it seems that mobile devices are the future of web and email access. With more people viewing emails on the move, online strategies such as email marketing could be beneficial to many businesses.

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