Adrian Foster

Preparing for Penguin 4.0

Rumblings in the SEO world suggest that the latest Penguin update is just around the corner. In a recent Twitter forum, Google’s Gary Illyes appeared to confirm that there will be a new update by the end of 2015, considering we’ve just landed in November, SEO-ers are getting ready to see what this new version will bring!

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As with all Google updates, we’re having to rely on rumours and hoping for the occasional snippets from the Google team. Illyes’ suggestion that the update will be happening in 2015 still doesn’t confirm anything, it may be rolled out in early 2016, either way – we know it is close.

For those that have been doing SEO the ‘right way’, this update isn’t something to lose any sleep over – however for those still employing black hat techniques, it may be time to have a serious look at your link profile.

So, what do we actually know?

The penguin update will be ‘real time’ which means that this part of Google’s algorithm is always ‘on’ and updating. This is great news for reputable SEO-ers as it will lead to ‘spammy’ link profiles being caught earlier and a more accurate ranking of the sites that are actually doing SEO the right way.

A Penguin update always changes the SEO landscape and we’re excited to see what this new version will bring.

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