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PPC Update: Changes to Google Shopping Data Feeds

Google has recently announced changes to their Google Shopping data feeds. Specific brands which now need to include certain feed attributes. The list of brands can be found in the link below

If you currently stock any of the brands listed on site, we recommend you ensure that all items within these brands have both a Brand and a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) attribute within your feed specification. By not having these attributes for these brands the product may become disapproved and will no longer be eligible to show on Google Shopping.

Google is making it compulsory to include GTIN values in your feed as GTIN’s are unique and can ultimately identify a product in the global marketplace. By including these attributes in your feed, you will help Google make your ad richer and much easier for users to find the items you are selling.

Currently there are only 50 brands which require this information, however Google have informed us that this list will grow over time. We recommend that once the initial 50 brands have the correct Google attributes, that you do the same for all brands within your Google Shopping feed, this will reduce the risk of other items becoming disapproved in the future.

It’s not just Google placing importance on including GTINs in feed data, Amazon and eBay are both asking users to include this attribute in their listing feeds in order to improve the quality of their search results and product data.

Will I see any benefit?

Google has specified that products which include the GTIN attribute receive up to 40% more user clicks than products which do not utilise this attribute, by making this change you are not only reducing the likelihood of your items being disapproved but you are also optimising your feed to become more efficient.

To find out more about this change or to find out about how our PPC Team are currently addressing the change in your PPC campaign, contact your Online Marketing Account Manager today.

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