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PPC: Google & Bing Updates

Google and Bing are continually improving their features for paid search and it can be hard to keep up with it all. Our Paid Search Performance Manager, Laura Davies, fills us in on the latest Google and Bing updates for PPC.

Google: DSA’s Are Becoming More Effective

For those in PPC, you have probably been using DSA’s (Dynamic Search Ads) for a while now and have seen mixed results. However, there are new improvements which will hopefully help with the performance of our DSA’s moving forward:

More Control

The introduction of page feeds will provide more control over campaigns and will only show relevant services and products to users. Google will use the feed we provide and the landing pages we wish to include in our auto targets. From this information, Google will decide where & when to show your ads, as well as where to send the user to when they land on the site.

Custom labels can also be applied in your page feed and applied to specific groups of items. This can then ensure DSA’s are being created for the correct pages and not being shown on incorrect pages, such as out of stock items.

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Expand Your DSA’s

As we all know Expanded Text Ads became available for Search & Display campaigns earlier this year. Within the next month Google will be rolling this feature out for DSA’s as well, meaning we can now create ads with longer headlines and description lines.

Show Relevant Ads

We only want our ads to show when they are relevant to the user. These new improvements will help ensure ads are only showing to the correct users with relevant information. Google are constantly trying to improve the DSA campaigns and they have noted that average users are seeing improvements in both conversion rates and CPA’s across DSA campaigns.

Bing: All About Product Feeds

Bing are also making a number of improvements to help with management and optimisation of Bing Shopping Campaigns.

Online Product Inventory Update Feed
Bing have introduced a new feed which can make updates for frequently changing information such as:

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Sale Price

This new feed allows your data to remain fresh and up to date and reduces the processing time for these ever changing attributes.

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Scheduled Feed Downloads
The automatic feed download on the Bing feeds has now been made easier with a new scheduled capability, meaning you can download the feed at whatever time is convenient to you. There are a few options to when the feed can be downloaded: daily, weekly or monthly.

A detailed step by step to setting up schedules can be found here.

Search Term Report At Offer Level
This new report can provide you with exact queries which triggered your Product Ads and is done at ID level. The report is currently only available at campaign, ad group and keyword levels. To view this report you simply need to add it in as a column when this is available on your accounts.

Bing search term interface

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