Becky Lawson

PPC: Bing Ads trial Meta Data in Paid Ads

A couple of weeks ago, the Visualsoft PPC team noticed extra text included in their Bing Ads, which they soon realised were being pulled through from Organic Meta Tags. The example below shows the paid ad and organic listing for our client, Black By Design.

Paid Ad

paid Bing result for Umbra Coat Hooks

Organic Listing

organic Bing results of Black By Design

To summarise, Bing have decided to start pulling parts of the Organic Meta Tags through to their ads. In the paid search ad, you can see that the text ‘Black by Design offer free UK mainland delivery…’ has been taken from the organic listing. However, Black By Design already have several ads promoting Free UK Delivery (as seen in Description Line 2), and we don’t really want this showing again.

So it’s important to make sure your organic data is up to scratch and this data is optimised to benefit both SEO and PPC. However, if you want to opt out of this, you do have the option.

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