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People of VS: Meet our SEO Outreach team

SEO Outreach is fundamental when it comes to building online exposure for brands. Working as a smaller subunit within our SEO department, the Outreach team are responsible for generating links and coverage for clients. This can be anything from product reviews, interviews and editorial pieces, running surveys for the tabloids, or building creative content online to get Journalists talking about their brands.

Our Senior Outreach Analysts, Carl Eden and Jade Denby, head up different sides of the process, with Jade in charge of Ongoing Outreach and Carl managing Content Marketing. The team also includes Seb Burchell, Phil Parker and Dan Sarath, who work across both sides as Outreach Analysts.

Jade Denby

A typical day involves liaising with clients, Editors and Journalists about potential collaborations that will result in online coverage and SEO return. The approach taken varies for each client but typical placements include sending expert comment from the client, supplying editorial articles and setting up reader incentives. I also oversee all of the monthly outreach clients in the department and ensure that they are on target. I assist Dan, Phil and Seb with the advancement of their own campaigns, both one-on-one and via training sessions, and regularly work alongside the other SEO seniors to advance operations. I’m renowned for bringing in a never ending supply of chocolate and other goodies to keep the Manchester office going.

Seb Burchell

Fresh out of University last year, I joined Visualsoft six months ago to work on both the content marketing campaigns and ongoing outreach. A day in the working life of myself consists of coming up with creative content for eye-catching campaigns, securing and writing editorial content with a diverse range of websites and, as the most southerly member of the outreach team, priding myself on my ability to pronounce words correctly amongst my gravy-loving team. Notably, the communicative nature of the role is particularly stimulating, and whilst I have a creative outlet in the content marketing side of things, I also hold the role of Head Toastie Maker and centre midfield in Visualsoft FC’s (leaky) team.

Phil Parker

Between eating Haribo and ranking my favourite Harry Potter professors, I manage a range of clients on either side of the outreach process. I work on both ongoing outreach campaigns, liaising with Journalists, arranging product reviews and interviews, and on larger content marketing campaigns, creating assets and creative pieces for clients. I enjoy the creative aspect of the job. It allows us to push boundaries with our ideas and develop new and newsworthy pieces for our clients.

Daniel Sarath

I’m the newest member of the outreach team having joined this devilishly attractive bunch just a few months ago. I come from a content writing and journalism background so I try to secure coverage for our clients by collaborating with Journalists on stories relevant to their brands and pitching unique features related to their industries. My day is generally spent liaising with writers, browsing publications to pitch ideas to, and debating “would you rather” scenarios with the rest of the outreach team.

Carl Eden

My focus in the team is on content marketing – creating assets for our clients which we can then use to get coverage and links in the press and online magazines. These content marketing campaigns are always tied to the client but vary greatly – we run surveys, build widgets, make interactive maps and tools, anything that will create a story and get journalists interested. We work closely with design and development to get these campaigns built. Each campaign runs for a quarter and I come up with the creative ideas, then do research, execution and promotion, whilst also overseeing the content marketing campaigns of the rest of the Outreach Team and ensuring they have the best possible chance of success.

Visualsoft's SEO Outreach team

Left to right: Jade Denby, Seb Burchell, Phil Parker, Carl Eden, Daniel Sarath

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