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Overcoming Email Marketing Challenges With Visualsoft

Litmus recently released their 2018 State of Email Service Providers report. The report looks at Email Service Providers (ESPs) in the industry, and shows that there are many frustrations across email for brands – with 16% of brands saying that changing ESP is a top priority for them.

So what exactly are the challenges faced by marketers when it comes to email marketing? According to Litmus’ report, the top 5 are:

  1. Poor coordination between other channels.
  2. Insufficient staffing.
  3. Limitations with ESP.
  4. Lack of strategy.
  5. Lack of quality data or integrations.

How can Visualsoft help?

Our Head of Email Marketing, Lindsey Roberts, has outlined precisely how our email marketing solution can help with the above challenges!

Poor coordination between channels:

If your business is facing this challenge, our Shared Success model could be perfect for you. By taking a holistic approach to marketing, our Online Marketing teams work together to achieve a shared goal: your success. As part of this model, you can have access to dedicated email marketing resource, where we can support you with the design, build, and execution of your emails and drive a channel-comprehensive marketing strategy.

Insufficient staffing:

If this is an issue you face, our fully managed solution can definitely help here. You might have some resource in-house to develop content but need assistance with design, where our email experts can step in to create high performing, beautiful emails for you. We can take over the design, build, and sending of your campaigns, as well as provide you with comprehensive reporting. Our email experts can also create content, testing plans, strategies, and more – so whatever support you require, we’ve got you covered!

Limitations with ESP:

Limitations with your ESP can be highly frustrating, so it’s not surprising to see this as the third biggest challenge. The Litmus report even states that expecting your ESP to provide all the functionality you need to plan, create, test, send, and analyse the performance of your emails is incredibly unrealistic. However, when your marketing budget is tight, the more providers you use can become costly. That’s why we try to pack as much into our email marketing solution as possible, including:

  • Our drag and drop email builder, which is responsive by default.
  • Easy to generate countdown timers.
  • Unique discount codes for each email recipient.
  • Transactional, basket abandon, and marketing emails all sent from one admin panel.
  • Product feeds straight from your website.

When you sign up for our service, we also design your templates and carry out spam testing to see if your sending reputation needs improving!

Lack of strategy:

Strategy is a tough challenge, because it needs to be coordinated across multiple channels. Couple this with insufficient staffing and more often than not brands end up with one marketer who is in charge of all channels but doesn’t have enough expertise to really drive either one. This is notoriously the case with email, where advanced knowledge is hard to come by, and where perception of ROI is lower than what it could be.

Again, this is where our Shared Success model can help. You’ll be given a dedicated Online Marketing Strategist to work with you to achieve all of your marketing goals, including email, through a coordinated strategy.

We also offer an Enterprise Email Marketing solution, which could help your business, as you’d be working with an Email Marketing Strategist who’d create quarterly strategies based on your own business goals to ensure you’re set for email success!

Lack of integration:

The report also found that many brands use a number of different companies to achieve their end goals. While the use of multiple ESPs is diminishing, there are still 83% of brands which use 1 or 2 email platforms to send highly segmented emails or transactional emails.

Integration projects between CRM systems and ESPs can be costly, time consuming, and stressful, especially for smaller businesses where resource is tight. In our experience, these projects can span months. It doesn’t have to be that way – our email marketing solution is built into your website admin panel, meaning all of your eCommerce data is held in the same place. Our mailing list tool is also advanced, meaning you can segment on purchase history, buyer behaviour, and email engagement.

For more information on what our Email Marketing Experts can do for you, and to see our email marketing solution, get in touch on 01642 988416.

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