Emily Strachan

Our Kickdynamic Bolt-On: Say Goodbye To Batch-and-Blast

It’s no surprise to hear, that in 2019 consumer expectations for quality content are set to increase once more (Marketing Land). Marketers no longer have an excuse not to personalise email content, especially thanks to new technologies. The great news is, that at Visualsoft, our Email Marketing service has an exciting new bolt-on, allowing you to move from batch-and-blast emails, to 1-2-1 content.

Our Kickdynamic Bolt-On:

We’ve partnered with Kickdynamic to bring you a ton of exciting new features, which will bring your email content to life through advanced personalisation and relevancy. As an addition to our fully managed email service, the bolt-on is fully set up and then managed by our Email Marketing Experts - saving you valuable time and resource!

Our team will work with you to develop a bespoke content strategy, and then design and set up the emails for you. Using live content and context, one of the key benefits of the Kickdynamic bolt-on is that you can send one email that shows different content to different subscribers - ultimately increasing conversions and maximising your ROI!


With the new solution, our experts will be able to easily add the following into your email marketing campaigns:

  • Advanced countdown timers to instil urgency
  • Live pricing
  • Personalised imagery
  • Unique vouchers
  • Live social feeds
  • Live polling
  • Content specific to the open device and the time of open


As well as saving significant time and resource each month, brands using Kickdynamic have seen some phenomenal results:

  • Luxury Fashion Retailer: 300% Increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Leading Health and Wellness Retailer: 801% Increase in Revenue
  • Electronics Retailer: 44% Increase in Sales
  • Online Fashion and Cosmetic Retailer: 52% Increase in Revenue

Ready To Effectively Engage Your Customers?

If you’re eager to put the right content in front of the right customers in 2019 and want to take advantage of our exclusive partnership offer, get in touch with our Head of Email Marketing on 01642 988 427, or via email, to lindsey.roberts@visualsoft.co.uk.

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