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Opportunities From Google’s Paid Search Updates

So far, 2018 has proven to be a year of change for the Paid Search industry. From Google’s retirement of the AdWords and DoubleClick brands, to the recent Site Speed Update, it’s clear to see that search is definitely evolving.

Our expert PPC team have offered their insight on some of the most recent changes by Google and the opportunities that they bring for your brand, as we look towards the peak retail season in Q4.

Competitive Pricing Insights:

Competitive pricing will be coming in as a benchmark soon. This advancement should allow us to easily see how price competitive clients are in comparison to their competitors, with price benchmarks in Google reporting. In turn, the price insights can inform bidding strategies, particularly looking to Q4, a time when our clients aim to promote price-competitive products!

Smart Campaigns:

At the end of June, Google also introduced Smart campaigns in the US, with an aim to help small businesses do more. Smart campaigns are the new default ad experience in Google Ads (which has now replaced AdWords). In minutes, ads can be created based on small business owners’ main goals, whether that be to get customers to call, visit a store or make a purchase. Google claim already that Smart Campaigns are 3 times better at getting ads in front of the right audience, for those small businesses. We can’t wait to see what opportunities the new ads bring when they’re rolled out globally at the end of this year!

In addition to smart campaigns, Google has announced that later this year, they will also be launching Image Picker. Simply pick the top three images from Google’s suggestions or upload your own and ads will be ready to go!

Shopping Actions:

Another innovative launch from Google, is their update on Shopping Actions. As consumers continue to be open to new ways of discovering and buying products Google introduced a Shopping Actions program, allowing customers easier ways to shop for products on the Google Assistant and Search, whether that be on mobile, desktop or a Google Home device!

By participating in the program, retailers are able to:

  • Surface products on new platforms like the Google Assistance with voice shopping.
  • Help customers shop effortlessly across Google with a shareable list and universal shopping cart.
  • Increase loyalty and engagement with their highest value customers.

Again this update has first been rolled out in the US, but with Google highlighting impressive results already for those participating in the trial, we can’t wait to see what opportunities this will bring, when rolled out further at the end of 2018.

All In The New Interface:

Of course, we can’t discuss Google updates in 2018, without mentioning the new Google Ads interface. With new navigation and exclusive tools, some of the benefits include:

  • Exclusive features such as call bid adjustments and Smart Shopping Campaigns.
  • Actionable insights.
  • The Audience manager.

Our team have now transitioned to the new interface, as of July 10th, and although the new UI takes some getting used to, we’re embracing the new layout and benefits available!

If you’d like to know more information about what our Paid Search experts could do for your business, contact us on 01642 988 416.

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