Becky Lawson

Online shoppers crave a speedy checkout process

A survey conducted by online address auto-fill company, Postcode Anywhere, has revealed that over a third of consumers in the UK would regard a quick and simple checkout process to be at the top of their list for online shopping requirements online.

The survey asked 1,000 consumers what would be the most important factor when shopping online for goods, and of the respondents 39% rated a speedy checkout process as important and 38% as very important, resulting in 77% of respondents claiming that a simple checkout is the key to a successful online purchase. Almost half of the respondents also stated that they would abandon an online purchase at the checkout stage if the process took too long, or there was too much data to fill out.

67% of consumers look out for sites which have checkouts that automatically fill in their billing address based on their postcode.

Guy Mucklow, MD of Postcode Anywhere commented on the findings, saying: “Manually completing personal and separate delivery address details is an obvious example of such a frustration, as it can take up to 50% of the time in a typical checkout process. Of course, the principle of ‘fewer clicks and less typing’ applies to the whole procedure. The payment process can be just as, if not more, important than the product itself. If the process is over-complicated or takes too long to complete, the customer will simply abandon their purchase – and you will lose out on at least one sale, and probably a lot more.”

Here at Visualsoft we have 13 years experience in the eCommerce industry, and we’ve spent many years on research and development to make sure that all eCommerce features are efficient for the customer to prevent checkout abandonment and unsuccessful transactions. Our tried and tested checkout process is simple, which will ensure that your customers are left happy with their online ordering experience. We also offer a range of payment gateways which can be integrated into your site, and we can also use bespoke marketing techniques to make sure your customers complete their online purchase. For more info on the services Visualsoft offer, get in touch today.

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