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More than £5 billion spent online during May 2011

Latest results from Capegemini reveal that over £5 billion was spent online during the month of May 2011, which shows a very positive step in the eCommerce industry with an increase of 18% from the same period in 2010.

This equates to a spend of £86 per person, and indicates a rise of 2% since the previous month.

The latest findings also show that even more people are choosing to shop online rather than hit the high street, as research over the past few months has highlighted. More than £25 billion has been spent online since the beginning of 2011, showing a massive increase in the popularity of online shopping.

In stark contrast, the high street showed a weak performance with sales down 2.1% since April of this year, again showing the emphasis on online shopping, as consumers are now more willing to spend their money online rather than hit the high street.

The clothing and fashion sector saw a big increase in profits with a year-on-year statistics showing a rise of 24% when compared to May 2010. It seems that the recent bout of warmer weather could be pushing consumers online to prepare for a new summer wardrobe.

Chris Webster of Capgemini says ‘May was another strong month for online retail, with sales jumping 18% since the same time of last year.’ “May also highlighted some interesting trends in shopping behaviour. Whilst the high street suffers in the wake of the struggling economy consumers continue to migrate online. However, it is important to note the emerging disparity between the big ticket items, such as travel and electrical goods, and the less expensive items, like clothing and alcohol. As economy suffers, expensive purchases are increasingly seen as discretionary. By omitting the travel sector from the figures, the year on year growth increases to an even more impressive 21.5%.”

These findings, coupled with the news of falling sales on the high street in recent months suggests that eCommerce should be a large part of any business strategy.

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