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At Visualsoft, we look to continuously improve the strength, scope and performance of our eCommerce platform, which currently powers over 1,200 online stores. Sarah Louise Taylor, our Head of Platform who was most recently shortlisted for the TechWomen100 Awards, plays a vital role in Visualsoft’s R&D process.

Get to know our Head of Platform a little better, with our quick Q&A…

What’s your role at Visualsoft?

I’m Head of Platform, which means I manage tech teams tasked with extending the strength, scope and performance of our eCommerce platform. Right now that includes our R&D and Multi-Channel departments, and we’re currently in the process of establishing new specialist service teams too (EPOS, Payments, Product Discovery, and many more).

I work with the teams to build the bigger picture for our platform, and on a day-to-day basis I do my best to keep projects moving, support team members, identify opportunities, review and revise plans, and I also often get involved with content strategy.

What about your role most excites you?

Continuous learning. I’m surrounded by highly-skilled, critical-thinking developers and inspirational designers who are committed to building better experiences for our colleagues, our clients, and their customers. Of course, the sector itself evolves every day so there’s always something new to discover. Helping others to excel is also a hugely rewarding aspect of the role.

What was your previous role?

Immediately prior to Visualsoft (almost a decade served so far), I co-directed a small design and marketing agency for several years. I had to wear many hats and although it was challenging, it gave me invaluable experience of every aspect of running a business, from producing sales pitches, proposals and marketing material, to managing clients and projects, recruiting staff, raising invoices, and paying the bills.

Describe yourself in three words…

Candid, curious and determined.

What do you like to do when you’re not hard at work?

I love to read (modern classics), write (fiction), paint (acrylic/inks), play (Lego, Pokemon, whatever my daughter is into), cook (my Dad was a chef, I live to eat) and travel (but never camping).

Who would you most like to swap places with for the day?

A curator at the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid. It’s home to some amazing pieces - including my favourite, Picasso’s Guernica - and it’d be an incredible privilege to quietly study them up-close, without the barriers and crowds.

What website do you visit most?

Google - I remember being introduced to the search engine when it first launched back in the 90s, and as I was working as a content provider for a dotcom at the time, I immediately fell in love with it - we’ve been together ever since.

What’s in your coffee?

Sometimes cream, sometimes milk, always sugar, but most importantly, I need it to be served at drinking temperature (Italians do it best).

Tell us something we don’t know about you?

Many things - animatronics terrify me, I hoard hotel toiletries, and I was once Junior Mayoress of my hometown.

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